FME: One tool to tackle all of your transformation challenges!

As the drive for digital transformation pushes on, digital teams are left juggling multiple projects at any one time. The projects vary in size and complexity, with multiple datasets being needed to come together to generate value. Each project comes with unique challenges and finding a tool that is capable of rolling with these punches can be challenging.

Working with data for more than 20 years can teach you a few things. The team at Safe Software has seen how the data market has evolved and updated the FME platform to handle these new demands. With its most recent release delivering increased connectivity, speed, and stability, FME has become a must-have Data Integration Platform for those looking to transform the way they work with data.

Here are just a few of the ways that FME can assist in your next project…


Automating common tasks and facilitating self-service data access

Automation is a key step in any transformation strategy. Removing the need to repeat tasks on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis frees your resource to focus on more important jobs, and ultimately increases the efficiency of your team.

FME Server facilitates automation by “hosting” processes created in FME Desktop. These data processes can be set to kick off at a certain time, after a specific activity, or even turned into FME Server apps, where users can utilise the workspace when they need it.

A great example of this is Harrow Council’s PCN process. They use FME Server to allow residents to self-service Penalty Charge Notice data, as well as automate back-office updates to each case.


Integrating business databases

It’s rare that the data held within your business’s databases you are in the same schema. This makes joining systems together and getting a complete picture of what’s going on complicated and time-consuming.

You can use FME workflows to link your data together, no matter how or where it is stored. Connectors and integrations provide a direct link to both on-prem and cloud databases, while transformers allow you to make sure that any updates are added in the right format.


Connecting applications for real-time updates

Most organisations rely on a variety of applications to complete their daily duties. But having different bits of information stored across each makes it impossible to get a complete picture of what is going on.

FME allows users to connect data held within applications, allowing record changes to process in real-time. When one system is updated, linked applications also update. This improves visibility as well as overall data health by limiting the errors introduced by manual intervention.

We’ve recently completed a project with ENWL where we connected their legacy asset management system to a new one…. Be sure to check your emails in the coming weeks for our latest case study!


Transforming data to make it more useful

Often one of the biggest challenges with data is making sure it is useful to the end-user.

Using FMEs pre-built transformers, you can modify your data. This could mean enriching it by merging in an additional dataset, filtering records to find what’s relevant to your task, or removing records that will skew your analysis.

Our client at Costain utilised this feature to extract data from CAD drawings and transform it into a schema that fits their asset management database.


Maintaining high data quality by validating what’s coming in

To deliver valid business intelligence, you need to start with a quality dataset. Errors from manual updates and incomplete records impact your analysis, creating results that aren’t based on the truth

Validation rules within FME workflows can prevent bad records from reaching your applications and databases. These errors are reported back to you, allowing your team to “fix” the data before it moves on to the next stage of your project.



Over the years, FME has evolved to become a highly regarded Data Integration Platform, being recognised as a Stronger Performer in the January 2022 Gartner Peer Insights ‘Voice of the Customer’ for Data Integration Tools report. This single tool can be used across multiple projects to ensure data accuracy, transparency and compliance at every stage.  As the software develops the scope of its applications will only grow, making it the perfect tool to facilitate digital transformation.



Interesting in learning about what FME can do? Join us in Birmingham on May 18th for our FME World Tour event! Our series of hands-on activities get users of all levels and departments thinking about new and innovative ways to solve data challenges with FME.