What’s new with FME Form and Flow 2024?

Safe Software has rolled out the latest version of FME Form and Flow (2024.0), packed with updates designed to enhance your data management experience. Here are the highlights:


FME Form makeover

The FME Form Canvas has undergone a makeover! It’s now sleeker and more intuitive, offering a consistent user interface across transformers, readers, and writers. Plus, you might notice a splash of miso orange – we approve!

Multi-Transformer Upgrade

Upgrading your version of FME can be a bit of a headache if you’ve got complex workspaces. Sometimes transformers are incompatible or don’t work the same way as they did before. Instead of having to rebuild these workspaces from scratch you can now upgrade multiple transformers or all transformers concurrently.

Improved Remote Engines for Automations

Automations now integrate with Remote Engines Services. This results in faster data processing and enhanced security by bringing the FME Engine closer to your data.


Quickfire Improvements

  • Speed Boost: Experience improved performance across the board. For instance, the Clipper Transformer is now 4 times faster than in FME 2023.
  • Workspace Organisation: Easily tidy up your workspaces by holding the shift key to align transformers.
  • Enhanced AI Assist: Get more out of AI Assist, perfect for crafting Regular Expressions, SQL statements, and Python code.
  • 3D Support: Enjoy added support for the Basis Universal format and enhanced 3D data inspection capabilities.
  • Improved Data Encryption: Strengthen the security of FME Form with enhanced data encryption.
  • Enhanced Attribute Data Type Management: Spot attribute data types within your workflows with ease, thanks to improvements in AttributeExposer.
  • Improved Desktop Windowing: Customise your workspace layouts for enhanced productivity.
  • Coordinate System Mismatch Warning: Stay on top of spatial transformations with warnings for coordinate system mismatches.


Phew! And that’s just scratching the surface of what FME 2024.0 has to offer.