Next Customer-Created App live on DataFlow!

The latest customer-created App is now live on the DataFlow Store. It’s helping even more to automate their repetitive data management processes. The App is a BLPU Extractor that connects to an ESRI ARCSDE database and exports addresses as an ESRI Shapefile.

DataFlow – derived from real expert knowledge

Adam Burke at Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council created the App. He decided to share it with other DataFlow users so that they can benefit from his FME skills. This activity supports our aim to make DataFlow a collaborative platform.
Here’s what Adam had to say about his experience of using DataFlow and our App Generator service:
“The ability to have access to professional and user-created apps is invaluable, I can now spend more time managing GIS than manipulating data. Users no longer need to be FME professionals to manipulate and extract data.”
If you’d like to find out how miso and DataFlow could help with your data management, call 0121 232 8000.
Please note, a valid FME licence is required to run the App.