Cutting key process time using automation

Costain save time and resource in asset management data processes, with an innovative solution built on FME.



Reducing manual processing of maintenance records

Miso created an FME-based solution which cleaned existing A-one+ asset data, and automated future processing.



Saving time and money with FME Server

FME Server solves multiple challenges for Atkins.


Quality data at every stage of the project

Our origins are in some of the most complex data out there – spatial. Because of this, we know just how tricky it can be to manage and work with different types of data, stored across different systems, managed by different people.

We are all about finding flexible, innovative ways to make working with data easier. Whether that’s connecting systems, automating day-to-day processes or even machine learning, we work with your team to create something that let you get the most out of the information you already have.

"Thanks to Miso, the total processing time for inputting inspection data into the database has now been reduced to an average of 15 minutes, compared to 45 minutes previously."

Nigel Yeatman - Highways Asset Manager, A-one+